Following on from the ministry we received through Jon on Sunday March 7 from Mark 7:28-35, here are some suggested questions for use in your Small Group discussions and/or personal study;


Ice Breaker

  • Do you have an irrational fear of something that is very real even though you know it is irrational?



  • Reading John 3:25-30 we see John the Baptist say that “(Jesus) must increase, but I must decrease” and now in our main text from Sunday, he
    is about to be killed for (on the surface) political expediency.

    • What was John’s attitude toward the work he was born to do?
    • Has God stopped loving John the Baptist at this point?
    • Why must John decrease (Matthew 9:14-17 might help)?
  • Jesus’ response to John the Baptist’s question was based on scripture (Luke 7:22, Isaiah 35:5, Isaiah 61:1).
    • How and why does Verse 22 answer John the Baptist’s question?
    • What reassurances do you find in scripture when you go through dark times?
  • After many years of ministry, how surprised do you think John the Baptist was to find that he was preparing the way for his cousin?
    • Have you ever been surprised by the means God chooses to address situations?
  • Reading Job 19 We get a glimpse of the deep and bitter sorrow he has experienced and yet is experiencing at this point.
    • After reading the chapter, what strikes you about verses 23-27 and the basis for Job’s hope?


Further Questions

If you’re looking for some further questions or have time to continue reflecting on this text, here’s some more questions that might help;

  • Why do you think Jesus’ way needed to be prepared for?
  • How do you understand Verse 28 to make sense?
  • Some people have described John the Baptist as the Last Old Testament prophet. Why do you think they would say that?
  • John’s baptism was one of repentance (Matthew 3:11) so why was Jesus necessary if people could repent before He came on the scene?
  • What would have been the possible implication for John the Baptist if Jesus was not the one?