Welcome to Camp Freedom, a holiday camp like never seen before.
Over the summer holidays Jon and Tim invite you to join them online for some holiday hijinks and antics, campfire stories, craft and challenges.

A video will be going out on the Bethel Live YouTube account each week over the summer, along with a story, craft or activity and a prayer activity.

We really want to know how you are getting on, so please send us in videos and photos of your challenges or crafts so we can share them.

In the attachments bellow, there is a hand out with a badge for you to colour in, and also a poster to colour in and put up in your front window to show everyone you are going to Camp Freedom.




Week One: Baby in the Basket

Over the summer we are going to follow the life of Moses, and one of the first things we learn about Moses is that  his life started out difficult, but through this story we learn that even when it is difficult God is with us and protects us.

The story comes from the Bible, if you have  a Bible at home you can read the story too. Find it in the book of Exodus, Chapter 2, Verses 1—10.


Challenge: Egg drop

The challenge this week is to create a container around  an egg and drop it from a height of 2 meters and see if it survives.   While your making your container, think about how God protects us in our lives .

You can use anything to make the container.

Do it in a bit of a competition as a family, you can see who can drop theirs from the highest height.

We would love to see how you got on with your activity, film or take pictures of your egg drops and containers and send them in to Tim on email, or via whatsapp so we can see them next week.

Once you have done your activity cut out and colour in your badge for this week.

Most important of all…. Have fun!