A week today (7:30pm, Wednesday 27th Jan), we’re inviting all Church members to join us on zoom!

We’re planning on using the bulk of our time together in smaller groups (breakout rooms) to consider the following questions. We’re calling on all church members to sit with these questions and pray through them prior to the meeting, and come prepared to share what the Lord has laid on your heart.


1. What mission have “we” been doing during lockdown?

Part One: Personally

When we think of the “mission of the church” we almost instinctively and exclusively think of corporate activities or official programs. But the New Testament is perfectly clear that “we” (i.e., people!) are the church. If you’ve been finding ways to bless, support, share and serve we’d love to have the opportunity to share how the Lord has been working through His Body during this time!


2. What could we be doing during lockdown?

Part Two: Together

There are also other activities that require support – resources, funding, volunteers, leadership, etc. – and it may be that you have burning ideas or passions but are not sure about the next steps to activating them. I’m aware that we are bombarded with messages about what we cannot do right do – but, with all the wisdom the Spirit gives, what could we be doing to bless others in Jesus’ Name and share the hope that we have?


3. What should we doing after lockdown?

Part Three: Looking forward

The reality is that the release mechanism for coming out of covid restrictions will need to be released very slowly. As difficult as this makes it to plan anything – we want to invite you to be praying and thinking with us around the question of what should we reinstate and how. What have you really missed in terms of sharing your faith, what have you missed in terms of growing your faith, what have you not missed?

These are challenging times, but we now have a unique opportunity to rebuild the way we do church from the ground up. What are foundational things we feel we need to lay in place to build towards a secure future together in Christ?


We’ll be sharing the zoom invite link on the Bethel News WhatsApp group, but if you’re not part of that and would like to come, please email/message me (Jon!) and I’ll send you the details.

Really looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible there, and to discern together “what the Spirit is saying to the churches.”