WhitChurchesTogether – Easter Plans 2021

As local church leaders, we had the chance to get together again last week and talk through our plans for Easter this year! Although there are positive signs of improvement, and light beginning to emerge at the end of the tunnel, it’s clear that large gatherings are not yet going to be possible.

So, instead of a “walk of witness” on Good Friday this year… we’re planning a “week of witness” instead!



1. Daily Reflections (The Exchange)

Many will miss the “walk of witness” on Good Friday this year, but instead, we’re planning a “week of witness”, with reflections shared on each morning of that week. We’re journeying through the story of holy week, through passages in Luke’s gospel – but also by reflecting on Isaiah 53 on the theme of “exchange.”

Each morning’s devotion will be led by a different one of our amazing local church leaders, and will be uploaded on youtube at 8:00am, and available from then on. We hope you can join us for the journey!


2. Shout it from the windows! 

We’d like to invite everyone to take part in a mission project – namely, using our windows to declare the message that: “Jesus is Risen!”. If you could prepare the sign with those words for a street-facing window (as creatively, colourfully and as large as possible!) during Easter week and display it ready for Easter Sunday morning – we’re hoping the effect will represent the joy of that message, and the fact that the whole world is a different place because of Resurrection Day!

How incredible would it be to have multiple houses in multiple streets displaying that powerful message in a personal style over and over again right throughout our village!! If you take part in this project this year please do take a photo of your window and we’d love to share them with each other too!


3. Cardboard Testimony Video

We’d also love to do something together that can be shared online, and so we’re planning to do a “Cardboard Testimony” style video.  These are a unique style of story-telling, where one half of a sentence is held up by a person… and then turned around to reveal the rest of the story. We’d love to have a few people from each church take part – so that we can share together in why Easter matters so much to us!

If you’d like to share your story, let me know and we’ll get the details to you! It’d be so amazing, on Easter Sunday morning, to let the stories of how Jesus has turned our lives around, go viral online!


4. Family Treasure Hunt 

Also, over the Easter weekend, plans are being put together for a family-friendly (and covid-safe!) treasure hunt through the village, that anyone and everyone from our community can join in with!

Watch this space for more details, and help us spread the word, that the hunt is on this Easter!



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