Small Group

The aim of the small groups is to enable those who attend to develop caring and supportive relationships, giving the opportunity to grow in faith together, providing a safe place to ask questions and a network of friends to provide support when needed.

Small Group Teaching Material

Small Group Discussion : The drawing board

Small Group Discussion : The drawing board

Acts 4:32-37 What does a Spirit filled church look like? Icebreaker What is toast? Questions What is fellowship? What can hinder fellowship? Is there a difference between fellowship with unbelievers and fellowship with believers? Is there a difference between the...

Small groups are valued as an essential part of the mission and ministry of Bethel. Groups of between 6 and 12 people meet weekly in an informal setting for Bible study, prayer and discussion.

We currently have groups that meet at 8pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings held in homes across the local area of Whitchurch / Llandaff North over either Zoom or Google Hangouts.

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