Bethelcraft – play together online

Minecraft is a great multiplayer game, run on our own server it enables us to be able to meet up in the virtual world, go on adventures and build crazy things.

Each week on a Tuesday night after our teens group we jump on the server to face a challenge, explore the Bible through some blocky creations, join the village and build your own house, mine for resources, craft and create your own armour and tools and ultimately have fun!

What do I need?

We have tried to make it as accessible as possible, so we are using the Bedrock edition of Minecraft, which means it should run on most mobile devices (phones and tablets) laptops and some consoles.

On mobile devices it is called Minecraft, this is the only version you can download, on Laptops you will need to purchase the windows 10 version of Minecraft. (please note the server isn’t compatible with the java edition.)

Is it safe?

Sessions on a Tuesday are run with at least two leaders or volunteers with current DBS, they play alongside and moderate the activity on a Tuesday night, which tends to have a focus or outcome. The server is on throughout the week, which means you can access it at any time. We would ask that parents help to moderate and be aware of and take interest in their child’s activity on the server. Leaders will attend the server at various points to moderate activity or if things need to be created for organised activities. Where required screen prints of chat are taken if needed for safeguarding purposes.

Server hosting takes place on an official server platform, all steps have been taken to ensure that children feel safe on the server. We do ask however that parents ensure their children are safe to play online. (helpful advice here

We use a whitelist to ensure only players known to the church can access the server, this means you need to submit a request form to gain access. This also includes parental permission, and your in game Xbox ID (please note you will need to inform us if their gamer tag changes.)

Behaviour and play

As a church server we expect people to act with respect for one another and act in an appropriate way, the following is a guide, please abide by it.

  1. Griefing (the act of destroying someone else’s play experience, through destroying bases or killing animals) of any sort is not acceptable, if discovered it will result in temporary or permanent suspension from the server.
  2. Abusive language bullying, mean comments or trolling are not acceptable, if discovered it will result in temporary or permanent suspension from the server.
  3. Theft is not allowed, this includes but is not limited to, taking or mining others items, chests, blocks or other resources and animals. This rule is difficult to enforce and requires respect, trust, and honesty from players.
  4. If you haven’t mined placed or crafted that item, it is not yours, do no take it. This includes large creative builds on the server.
  5. Leave things tidy, If you make a mess, place blocks places they shouldn’t be, accidentally break a wall etc please make sure you tidy them up. Leaders will occasionally go through and clear out obstructions and misplaced blocks also.
  6. If you remove a tree, remove ALL of the tree or plant a new one underneath with a torch so that it grows into the old one.
  7. Try not to build close to others. Building too close can result in difficulties later on when you want to expand or add to your building. Where possible don’t build above or below others, unless you want a mine running through your house.
  8. If someone has put a “do not enter / no trespassing” sign on their property or fenced off area, please respect their wishes. (exceptions are for leaders who may make spot checks to ensure what is being built is appropriate)

Leaders are on hand to help or provide guidance if you are unsure.​


  • Fill in the form below giving Parental consent and Gamer ID
  • Launch Minecraft (Bedrock) using your device of choice.
  • ​Select “multiplayer” from the main screen and then select “add server”
  • ​Enter the server details when emailed to you.
  • ​If you have been added to the whitelist and the server is online then you will be able to join the session.