Tuesday Nights – 7:45pm

Our usual Bzone catch up on Zoom, we will have a short game and one of the leaders will give us a lesson from the Bible. A chance to share any news, chat and walk through the Bible together.

Please get in touch for the Meeting ID and P/W,  if you’re regular or new everyone High school Age is Welcome join the conversation.

Reading the Bible – Asking questions getting answers

Reading the Bible – Asking questions getting answers

Sometimes we skim through the Bible not taking anything in, there is a very simple thing we can do to get the most out of passages and verses that we are reading. Asking these simple questions and filling in the blanks can really open up the word of God and help you...

Sofa Apart Together Episode 1 – Bethany Baker

Welcome to Sofa Apart Together A series of interviews with Youth Leaders, and Church go'ers to see how life has changed for them in lock-down. They also tell us about something that has inspired them recently. Joining me on the sofa this...

Get Things Done – Teens

Getting Stressed with all the things that you need to do at the moment? Mind racing at night with ideas, school work or activities you need to do. A great resource that one of our members uses (Cheers Richard Hodges) is the Get Things...

Is it tuesday?

Is it tuesday?

the days just seem to be slipping in to one another, as i slowly turn into a groundhog....  believe it or not today is Tuesday which means we get to have a good catch up tonight! This week we will be having a game of boggle.... more fun than it sounds... Honest! And...