We are currently putting together some fun things for you to do with your tots during this time of social isolation. Please keep checking back.

Something to get you started!

Thank you God for my Family


Draw some pictures of family members, cut them out safely and stick a finger sized  tube of paper to the back of drawing to make finger puppets of all your family near or far. use each puppet as a prompt for prayer. use the opportunity to phone or video call the family members to.


Dear God,

Thank you for my family and friends, help me to love them more, please keep them safe, Thank you God.


Memory Verse:

“Honor your father and mother. Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” – Matthew 19:19


Join us for a new regular children slot after the morning live stream, where we will do a song, and tell a story, in the download below you will find an activity sheet.

These sheets have been titled Selah, which was used in the bible (Psalms) to mean a break in the music, for us its a break in the “norm” for Children’s work.

It can also mean forever, as what we teach to the children today stays with them forever.

What is God Like? - God Provided the Perfect Sacrifice