Hi everyone, Jon here from bethel.live – just wanted to bring you some quick updates about Easter Week 2021…


This Sunday

So, this Sunday morning we’re continuing our Sunday Morning Teaching Series exploring the ministry of Jesus as: “The Lockdown Lifter!” This Sunday we’re exploring a key moment – a catalyst that sets into motion the events of Easter Week…

For our evening messages, we’ve been exploring Colossians – one of Paul’s “Letters from Lockdown” for a while now… this week we finish that series by exploring how our faith might affect our work life… even in lockdown. Join us at 6pm, on our usual YouTube channel.


As we can’t have our usual “Walk of Witness” – this year we’re planning a Week of witness”! And as part of that we’re journeying through this week as local churches together with a week of daily devotions called: The Exchange – exploring Isaiah 53 together. Starting on Mon, right through the week until Sunday we’ll be led by a different church leader from our village. These reflections will go live on YouTube at 8am, but will be available from then on, please do join us for the journey! For more details, see here.


Then at 8.30pm on Maundy Thursday (1st April) we begin on Easter Complin Journey: The Shaking.

Each Easter, we take a deep dive into a different theme of Jesus’ Work on the Cross and journey creatively through it. So on Thursday we’re exploring about Shaking in Fear, on Good Friday (again at 8:30pm) we’re watching Christ Shaking our Foundations… and then at 8:30AM on Easter Sunday Morning – we’re rising with Jesus to Shake to Dust!

Those services will all be available on YouTube. For more details, see here.


Also over the Easter Weekend, we are opening the church on Easter Saturday for a Prayer Day event! You’ll be able to book in for a 40minute slot with your household, slots are available right throughout the day – please go to bethelcardiff.org.uk/prayerday to book, or call Lorraine who can book you a place!


Then on Easter Sunday, we gathering on YouTube at 10.30am – where we’ll be finishing our Lockdown Lifter series! And then at 6pm it’s: “My Story”… we have an opportunity to gather on zoom for an evening of testimonies! A couple of people from Bethel are recording their story of encountering the love and power of Jesus. If you’re new to bethel.live, those zoom events are a great way to meet others and just hang out together – and you might like to think about trying to invite someone along? The zoom invite will be on our News WhatsApp group, or it’s available from me, (Jon!).


Don’t forget too – this Easter, (as part of our Week of Witness) we’re shouting it from the windows again: “Jesus is Risen!” – all local churches have been invited to take part. Pick a large front facing window and fill as big and bright as you can… let’s cause the news of Jesus change the atmosphere of our streets and our village!


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