Online Festivals for the summer: getting refreshed from home on your couch, or in a tent sheltering from the rain.

This year has seen several missional and teaching festivals and conferences needing to change tac, alter its course from the “usual” festivals and camps it had offered in previous years, and create content for a chosen online platform.

I have been trolling through some of the websites and have found some great resources for you all to peruse, and discover, you may also see some familiar faces in some of the videos.

Whilst I am sharing these links, I just want to say I have not had a chance to watch all of the videos, and content is provided from churches over a few different denominations, so be aware of the content you are watching, give some feedback if you find any talks that you think may bless others.

So on with the list:

Souled Out Cymru:

Age: 15+

Dates: August 17 – 18

Description: Bi Lingual (Welsh and English Medium) Conference, seeking to develop disciples and leaders for the nation of Wales and beyond. Main sessions are at 7pm on YouTube and Facebook, and small groups and after hours take place on Zoom after.



Age: Kids and Up… lots of content for all ages

Dates: Started on July 20th, with a new video each week for 6 weeks.

Description: Celebrating the good news of the God who loves us. With a line-up of international musicians, speakers and celebrity special guests, there will be music and worship from a diverse range of genres, thought-provoking talks and life stories. Episodes are uploaded each week, with a small group study guide, family pack with some great activities to do together.



Age: 11-18

Dates: Was 30th July – 3rd August but all videos and schedule are available online.

Description: coming from the group behind New Wine, this brand-new initiative is committed to impacting young lives across the nation, raising a generation confident in Jesus. Jesus has called us to be an UNSTOPPABLE LIGHT piercing through unimaginable darkness in the world.

Challenges, Workshops, Celebrations all through videos and online resources available through Youtube and their website.


United Breaks Out:

Age: Kids – Adults

Dates: Was 30th July – 3rd August but all videos and schedule are available online.

Description: In this season, we’re hearing more clearly about the call on God’s people to show the love of God and offer hope and healing to a nation in need.

Main Arena talks, seminars, workshops with some amazing speakers, and the talks from Luminosity and United Kids providing teaching and challenge for the young people of the Church, all collated helpfully in a schedule.


EMW Aber Conference “Aber Lite”:

Age: Children and Youth

Dates: 11 – 14th August (all talks available online)

Description: Aber Lite, is the online version of the popular Aber Conference, with 3 main preaching meetings, Phil Swann, Stephen Clark, and Ian Parry are taking the meetings. There are also so great videos for all ages on their YouTube Channel.


Big Church Day In:

Age: all ages

Dates 23rd – 24th May (all still available on YouTube)

Description: Music, Music & Music, some amazing performances from some of the most notable names in Contemporary Christian Worship Music. Along recordings from the other stages including the spoken word stage. Great to have a listen to and worship along.


Virtual Sunday School:

Ages: Tots – Kids

Dates: Ongoing (all previous videos available on YouTube

Dates: A great produced resource for the church from the 4front-theatre team, including Sunday schools and a virtual holiday club. Some fantastic storytelling and full CBeebies style presenting really engages the little ones.


Hope this list has given you some thing to check out, it is not by any means exhaustive and there are a number of other events out there producing great content; let me know if you have found any helpful.