Getting Stressed with all the things that you need to do at the moment? Mind racing at night with ideas, school work or activities you need to do.

A great resource that one of our members uses (Cheers Richard Hodges) is the Get Things Done.

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GTD For Teens is for young people who are feeling the overwhelm of what’s needed of them whether it be schoolwork, personal work, family responsibilities and so on.

“This isn’t a Christian thing (although I know of Christians who use the methodology) but I’ve been using classical GTD in one form or another for a while and I find it really helps me deal with the stress that can come with not knowing where to start with things – that is actually how I lost my hair!”

– Richard

Some of you might find it useful. It’s less about ‘how to do lots of things in less time’ and more about ‘how to do what you need to do in the time you have without getting stressed about it.

God Bless Guys and Gals!