Hello to all our friends at Bethel from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada!

Here in Ontario we are in a similar lockdown to the one you are experiencing in the UK. The Canadian authorities were slightly quicker off the mark in shutting down non-essential activities, but there is still huge uncertainty because (as in Britain) very little testing and contact tracing is being done. Although of course this is radically altering our plans for the year, we have already experienced at least a year’s worth of blessings here so are trying not to feel too disappointed.

One of the people in our local church “life group” (= small group) spoke the other day about how the current virus offers a powerful analogy for Easter. The problem (sin) is 100% prevalent, the mortality rate is 100%, and the only solution is found in Jesus allowing himself to become “infected” and then entirely isolated from the Father, so that we can be disease-free. The pain of separation we are feeling (Zoom just doesn’t cut it!) is proving to be a very moving metaphor for us.

Encouraged by their Gran to memorize Psalm 23, our girls recorded the Stuart Townend song “The Lord’s My Shepherd” during a “homeschooling” music lesson. We hope it may be an encouragement, if only that we don’t sound *too* Canadian yet…

We miss you all very much. Signing off and sending much love,

Daniel, Esme, Leia and Madeleine