“In Crisis, We Pray.”


I was reading recently that the number of times people had typed the words ‘pray’, ‘prayer’, or ‘how to pray’ into Google has absolutely “skyrocketed” since this coronacrisis began.

An economist at the University of Copenhagen had been investigating this across 75 countries since the crisis began – the report based her research was called: “In Crisis, We Pray: Religiosity and the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

She went on to say: “The rise in prayer intensity supersedes what the world has seen for years… It is highly likely that the rise in prayer intensity will continue.”


It reminded me of a time in David’s life when “his heart was growing faint”, and it lead him to call on God:

“From the ends of the earth I call to You,

I call as my heart grows faint;

lead me to The Rock that is higher than I.” (Psalm 61.2) 


At times of uncertainty, we instinctively reach for “The Rock” – for greater security, strength, peace and hope – in short: in crisis, we pray. This isn’t just simply happening right now – it is “skyrocketing’ as people’s lives, health, jobs, families and futures now suddenly seem shaken and uncertain.


All this got me thinking: But what of those who just don’t know how to begin, or who are searching for help just to know how to pray. So, in response to this “rise in prayer intensity” we’re making a series of simple youtube videos simply called: “How can I pray?” as a growing resource for people to needed to be pointed to The Rock, and introduced to the God who invites them into a relationship with Him.

If you need help getting started, there are some prayers and scriptures here for you to use.

We will be adding to this playlist as the weeks progress. Please do join us in praying that the Lord will use these to help people find His hope and His healing, and feel free to share them with anyone who may be hurting and searching too.

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