Welcome to news and roundup.

As we are unable to gather on Sundays during this COVID-19 crisis, we still wanted to find as many ways as possible to remain connected together and share news and updates among the fellowship.

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a blessed new year and even as we are unable to gather in person , we are still bound together by the love of God.

YouTube Live!

On Sundays  we will be live streaming messages via YouTube live at 10:30am  and 6 pm.  You will be able to view these without a YouTube account, and they will also be available on Smart TVs/Fire stick etc. for those without tablets/laptops. The livestream links are available on the website. If anyone is struggling to access the livestreams, please let us know.

Sunday Services

Sunday Morning 10th January I 10.30amNew Year Teaching Series: RESET (Studies in 1 Corinthians)

Join us as we begin to explore how our lives are reset by grace!

Sunday Evening 10th January | 6 pm-Family Quiz Night (6-7pm on zoom)

A chance for us all to catch up, hang out and have some fun together on Sunday evening.

Sunday Services In-Person

The leadership recently met to discuss the reopening of the church following the Christmas break. While we recognise the importance of communal worship, the advice is for people not to congregate whenever possible. It is with this in mind along with recognising the duty of care to our staff and each other, that we have made the hard decision not to open whilst we remain at alert level 4. We will keep reviewing the situation and the advice and will look to reopen when it is safe to do so. The services will continue to be broadcast via YouTube, and there are also a number of other ways to engage through the WhatsApp groups, Jon’s blogs, small groups, the weekly prayer meeting and a new Bible course starting soon. If you struggle or know of anyone who finds it hard to access information in this way, please let us know as copies of the services and blogs can be sent to you. Please can we encourage you to keep looking out, contacting and praying for each other.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

Blessings and love to you all.

Places you can Find Us

Website: https://bit.ly/Bethel-Website

YouTube: https://bit.ly/Bethel-Live

Facebook: https://bit.ly/Bethel-Facebook

Instagram: https://bit.ly/Bethel-Instagram

Podcast: https://bit.ly/Bethel-Podcast

The Bible Course

We are looking forward to starting “The Bible Course” on Zoom on Tuesday 26th January. The course will run for 8 weeks and will be taking place between 7.30- 9 pm. If you are interested in being involved, please contact Jon. Check out more details below



If you know of anyone who doesn’t have internet access and would appreciate the Sunday sermons on a CD or USB stick, please let Lorraine know and she will arrange to have these sent to them.

Lorraine is working from home and is contactable via email. Lorraine goes to the office once a week to check the answer machine, post and all buildings.

Children and Youth

Bethel Kids  This Sunday after the main service, we start a new series about prayer. it is an amazing thing that we can talk to God, but it can sometimes be confusing-what do we say, what can we ask for, who do we pray for? Luckily Jesus gave us a great example that over the next few weeks we are going to work through, and by the end we will all be chatting with God everyday. This week we look at What is Prayer, before we know how we pray we need to know what it is, we will have a song, some learning and a craft to do.

Bethel Teens Zoom on Tuesday 7pm. Jumping straight in to this new year and continuing our “Encounters with Jesus” chats, its great to see the way people’s lives changed as they met and spoke with Jesus. We get a chance to chat and catch up on life, and have a little game or two, as well as jump on Bethelcraft after for a bit of fun or building challenges.

Bethel Youth  Zoom on Friday 8pm meeting up online for a good catch up on life’s ups and downs, making sense of things through studying the Bible (currently looking at some of the parables that Jesus taught).  This week Charlotte will be leading us through one-not to be missed. Come along and join the conversation.

If you would like to get involved in anything with the Children and Youth please get in contact with Tim.

Family News

Please continue to  pray for Dave Best, the girls and the whole family (after the recent passing of Vicky),  for God  to sustain them through this time  and to enfold them in the arms of the Saviour  who gives his perfect peace.

Collecting used Stamps to help fund BMS work

Please continue to save used postage stamps for the BMS stamps bureau. During the first quarter of 2020 £3500 was raised for BMS by the bureau. We look forward to being able to collect the stamps you are saving as soon as possible. Marion Rushton.

Can you help?

If you are able and willing to help during this period with phoning those who are isolated or delivering essential supplies to people’s doorsteps, then please do be in touch and let Jon know. Equally, if you know of people in any kind of difficulty due to self-isolation, please do pass that on.

Small Groups

If you would like to find out more about joining a small group, please contact Rosie Roberts for more details.

Problem accessing online content?

If you have had a problem accessing the online blogs, sermons or newssheet, please let Lorraine in the office know as she can arrange to send these out in the post (including CD versions of the services)

WhatsApp Group and Social Media Guidelines

As discussed at the Church Member’s Meeting on Wednesday 18th November, we have set up a new WhatsApp group which is to inform you of news and events that are happening in Bethel. The current group will remain as a conversational group and for the sharing of family news, social information, stories and other news .If you would like to join this new group please send a WhatsApp message to Ruth Evans  and she will add you. Please remember that you can remove yourself from a WhatsApp group at any time. We also ask that prayer requests are not shared on this group but sent to the prayer text number and if you would like to join the prayer group please send a text to 07578 853751 with your name. We have some simple rules around the use of our social media and we would ask that you take the time to read the information that follows.

Bethel offers a number of different ways to keep in touch

Prayer Text-Bethel offers a confidential link to request prayers for yourself, friends and family. Before requesting prayer support you must ensure that anyone named has given permission for the prayers to be requested. The request will only be shared with those people that have indicated that they wish to receive ongoing prayer requests and are over the age of 16 from Bethel. All requests should be sent to 07578853751 and will be forwarded by a member of the prayer team.. If you receive a prayer text, this should not be forwarded to anyone.

Bethel Facebook Page-For the sharing of news and updates

Bethel WhatsApp NEWS & INFORMATION Group The WhatsApp group is designed to share key church news and information to its members and friends from the Bethel Leadership team . You will not be able to post on this group or comment. Membership of this group is open to everyone.

Bethel WhatsApp UPDATES Group The WhatsApp group is designed to share general information, send help requests, items for sale, family news etc. Prayer Requests should not be sent via this group and may be deleted. Membership of this group is open to anyone from the fellowship who has asked to join.

Some simple guidelines which apply to all our social media platforms

Social media is a very public way of enabling us as Christians to live out our calling to share the good news of Jesus Christ. One of its many joys is that it is immediate, interactive, conversational and open-ended.This opportunity comes with a number of downsides if users do not apply the same common sense, kindness and sound judgement that we would use in a face-to-face encounter.

● Be respectful. Do not post or share content that is sexually explicit, inflammatory, hateful, abusive, threatening or otherwise disrespectful.
● Be kind. Treat others how you would wish to be treated and assume the best in people. If you have a criticism or critique to make, consider not just whether you would say it in person, but the tone you would use.
● Be honest. Don’t mislead people about who you are.
● Take responsibility. You are accountable for the things you do, say and write. Text and images shared can be public and permanent, even with privacy settings in place. If you’re not sure, don’t post it.
● Be a good ambassador. Personal and professional life can easily become blurred online so think before you post.
● Disagree well. Some conversations can be places of robust disagreement and it’s important we apply consideration in the way we express our views.
● Credit others. Acknowledge the work of others. Respect copyright and always credit where it is due. Be careful not to release sensitive or confidential information and always question the source of any content you are considering amplifying.
● Follow the rules. Abide by the terms and conditions of the various social media platforms themselves. If you see a comment that you believe breaks their policies, then please report it to the respective company.

How will we respond to people who breach our social media community guidelines?
The Elders may take action if they receive complaints or spot inappropriate, unsuitable or offensive material posted to the social media accounts. This may include blocking users or reporting comments as appropriate.

Who do I speak to for further advice?

If you have a safeguarding concern, please follow the policies and procedures in place for Bethel Baptist Church.