Welcome to weekly news and roundup.

As we are unable to gather on Sundays during this COVID-19 crisis, we still wanted to find as many ways as possible to remain connected together and share news and updates among the fellowship.

YouTube Live!

On Sundays we will be live streaming messages via YouTube live at 10:30am and 6:00pm. You will be able to view these without a YouTube account, and they will also be available on Smart TVs/Fire stick etc. for those without tablets/laptops. The livestream links are available on the website. If anyone is struggling to access the livestreams, please let us know.

Sunday Services

10:30am I Sunday Morning Celebration
Battle Ground – a word for 2020 (2 Chronicles 20.1-30)
There are times when we are completely overwhelmed and underprepared at the scale of what we face. What’s the one thing we must do in every crisis? We will also be sharing in Communion.

6:00pm I Sunday Evening Worship
“Give Thanks to the Lord for His love endures forever!”
A time of praise and worship!

Following on from the morning message – celebrating the goodness of God!

On Sunday 5th July there will be a joint morning service at 10.30 am with Whitchurch Churches Together. There will also be a party pack available if you subscribe online to the Whitchurch Churches Together Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/WhitChurches-Together-111456313942522

The day before (4th July) there will also be a family Treasure Hunt (on the day that would have been the Whitchurch Festival fete on the Common)

Online Church Survey

If you have accessed any of the online resources (e.g Bethel Live, podcasts, blogs etc) we would really like to hear what you think of what has been produced. If you can let us know what has helped and what may be improved and any ideas you may have, that would be really helpful. Please follow the link below

Online Church Survey

The website continues to be the hub for all information pertaining to all that is happening during this time of social distancing.

places you can find us:

Website: https://bit.ly/Bethel-Website

YouTube: https://bit.ly/Bethel-Live

Facebook: https://bit.ly/Bethel-Facebook

Instagram: https://bit.ly/Bethel-Instagram

Podcast: https://bit.ly/Bethel-Podcast


Monday Night Prayer Meeting

Will be taking place via Livestream on 29th June at 7pm .
Email Jon CLICK HERE! for the meeting details.

Lorraine is working for home and is contactable via email. Lorraine goes to the office once a week to check the answer machine, post and all buildings.


If you know of anyone who doesn’t have internet access and would appreciate the Sunday sermons on a CD or USB stick, please let Lorraine know and she will arrange to have these sent to them.

Collecting used Stamps to help fund BMS work

Please continue to save used postage stamps for the BMS stamps bureau. During the first quarter of 2020 £3500 was raised for BMS by the bureau. We look forward to being able to collect the stamps you are saving as soon as possible. Marion Rushton.

Children and Youth

Bethel Tots 2pm Monday, we will have a sing along and story time for the tots, as well as blogs uploaded during the week on the tots page, keep an eye out!

Bethel Kids – Broadcast live on Sunday morning and available at any time on YouTube from Monday’s, Continuing our epic journey discovering who God is, This morning we are looking at God is One, there is no other! (see previous weeks here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnUhxuRF294Eb8cn1GJc_Y8ONKOurO4OQ )
Bethel Teens Zooming in for a catch up on Tuesday night at 7:45, give Tim a shout if you would like to join in

Bethel Youth continuing our look at acts, the early church, the holy spirit, discipleship and spreading the gospel, there is a lot that goes on when the holy spirit comes. Contact Tim for the joining details.

If you would like to join in and get the zoom meeting link please get in touch with Tim timbarker@bethelcardiff.org.uk

If you have children or youth who attend any of our sessions and you have not filled it in already, please take the time to fill in this registration form, it gives us the ability to maintain contact and send out links to meetings and updates.


Sofa Apart Together

A little YouTube series that goes out on a Wednesday, where I get to chat to some awesome people about lock down life and they get to share something to encourage, embolden or challenge. This week joining me on the Sofa, Tim Pickles (Jnr). See previous weeks here (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnUhxuRF294GaXxEijF8RFf0H-pZkGX7Y )
Please make sure you are subscribed to our YouTube channel and check back at the website to get updates and notifications for when videos become available.

Return to school

As you will be aware the lock down restrictions are being relaxed in the coming weeks, and a number of children and youth will be returning to school.
Please pray for them as they return to what used to be a familiar environment, but now may seem alien. Many will still be balancing classroom work and home work-many wont get to see their friends as they are in on different days. It will be a difficult time also for teachers and parents, as they balance new guidance and advice and time tables.Please join us to pray for these groups!

Can you help?

If you are able and willing to help during this period with phoning those who are isolated or delivering essential supplies to people’s doorsteps, then please do be in touch and let Jon know. Equally, if you know of people in any kind of difficulty due to self-isolation, please do pass that on.

Family News

Please pray for George Watkins as he is in hospital with pneumonia and is now on antibiotics. Please also pray for Gill at this difficult time.

Please also pray for families in Merthyr and Ton Pentre who were affected by flooding recently.

If you have any family news to share, stories and Bible verses of encouragement or other stories of hope and inspiration please email Lorraine before the normal time of 12pm on a Thursday to include these. It would be great to hear from everyone!

Problem accessing online content?

If you have had a problem accessing the online blogs, sermons or newssheet, please let Lorraine in the office know as she can arrange to send these out in the post (including CD versions of the services)

New Prayer Letter from Our BMS Partner Mission Workers

Lois and Joe Ovenden’s latest prayer letter has just been published on the BMS website – https://www.bmsworldmission.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/0620-Ovenden.pdf. It is full of news about how they are living as a family in a country that is also in lockdown as well as how the team members are sharing their skills to help the local population cope with the challenges of COVID 19. They value our interest and prayers. If you would like a hard copy of this please let Lorraine know and she will post one to you.