Join us after the Morning Service for Bethel Kids.

Over the past two weeks we have learned some important things that the Bible has to say about prayer. We learned what prayer was… an amazing conversation between us and God, made possible through Jesus sacrifice on the cross and by the power of the Holy spirit.

And last week we learned how to pray, not like the hypocrites with big words and arm movements in public, and not to babble our words out. We learned to pray Humbly, Pray Righteously, pray without stopping, in everything we do, pray in faith that our father hears you, pray giving thanks for all that God has done for you.

In the Bible there is this great bit where Jesus is explaining a load of stuff to the disciples, making sure they know as much as they can possibly know before he would give his life for them. In this bit of the Bible Jesus very clearly tells the disciples what to pray about.

Join us this morning as we explore the first line of the Lords Prayer!

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