During the Bethel teens session this week we got to play with fire… well play with fire is a bit strong, but when you hold a marshmallow on the flames for to long it does tend to get a bit like charcoal… lessons were learned marshmallows were sacrificed.😊

Its great to have moments like this, around the fire, roasting marshmallows, plenty of banter, conversation and friendships being made.

After all the Marshmallows and biscuits were consumed, we retired to the youth room to continue our series on Christian foundations, a series of talks that look at some core understandings of Christianity.

Over the last few weeks, we have looked at who God is, what he looks and acts like, and who was Jesus, this week though we looked at a big one, Did Jesus exist?

We established very quickly that there are historical accounts both in and out of the Bible of the person Jesus, how he was a Jew, lived 2000 years ago, wasn’t born into wealth or notoriety and he died young suffering an agonising death. He was a great teacher and lived a exemplary if not perfect life, and he healed people.

The difficulty is that Jesus claimed to be so much more than just a Good man, storyteller, teacher, or miracle worker. He claimed to be the Son of God, and even God himself…

We established in the session that in John 14:6-9 that Jesus is the mirror of God, if you see Jesus, the way he lives, teaches and acts, you have seen the Father, his father God.

Reminding ourselves of the story of the paralysed man, (great to have friends who will help in a time of trouble), looking at Jesus’ response to the man’s issues. Jesus did what only God was supposed to be able to do, forgive sins. In doing this he declared out loud and proud that he was the was God.

This wasn’t just an isolated incident though Jesus did so many more things that showed who he was.

Peter says the Jesus is the Messiah, The Centurion at the cross, witnessing the most heinous brutality of the event, realised that only the Son of God could have done what he had seen.

With these accounts in mind, of ordinary folk (a fisherman and a centurion) and what they believed about Jesus, we looked at what we believe about Jesus, and did a quick fun exercise which you can do to.

Write JESUS vertically down a sheet of paper and write some words that include the letters that describe something you really believe about Jesus.

Here are some of the teen’s responses for some inspiration.

What do you believe?