As churches, we’re all aware right now of the things that we can’t do… but I wonder if that might open up fresh ideas about what we could possibly do instead.

A while back, I heard of someone leading prayers online by encouraging everyone to use some simple phrases in sign language, to express their worship with their body rather than just their voices. After all, we use our hands to signal things all the time: we shake hands to welcome, to stroke to soothe, we shake fists to express anger… why not seek to “let everything within me praise His holy name!” (Psalm 103.1). We may well need to learn to use our bodies more in worship (kneeling, raising hands, dancing before the Lord!!) through this season – but that’s the subject for a future blog!

We’re very much aware that we can’t sing together – but I wonder if we could learn to sign together? It’s just something that we can do, and that we can do together right now.


Some of you may remember Louise Wyllie who joined us while she was down here in Cardiff, and working at the Sherman Theatre. She and her husband now live up in Scotland – but I asked her to record some teaching videos showing up some phrases we might learn and use in times of prayer and worship together!

The first is: “Lord, in Your mercy, hear our prayer.”

The second is simply: “Come, Holy Spirit.”

And finally, for those of us who fancy a real challenge – the Grace!


It’s fascinating to me how much depth there is in the actions she describes (the sign language for ‘mercy’ and ‘Jesus’ for example), and how it may open up understandings for us too.

We’ll try this on a Sunday soon – but let me know how you get on!


“Lord, in Your mercy, hear our prayer.”

“Come, Holy Spirit!”


The Grace