Ice Breaker

  • What was the best part of the last week for you?
  • What was the worst part of the last week for you?


  • “We need to delve deeper into Who God is”
    • How do you understand scripture’s teaching on how this is to be done?
    • Can anything be known about God apart from scripture?
  • Looking at the text in Philippians 1 that was briefly referenced during the talk;
    • Why do you think Paul was so glad the Philippians were sharing in the gospel?
    • Who begins and completes the work in us?
    • What is the work that’s done in us?
    • What is it that helps us determine what is best?
    • What is the purpose of the ‘harvest of righteousness’?
    • Do we ever lose sight the importance of the “glory and praise of God”?
  • The Gospel
    • What is the Gospel?
    • Why do we need the Gospel?
    • How important/essential is the Gospel?
    • Do we treat the Gospel with the importance it deserves?
    • What happens if someone rejects the Gospel?
    • How do we remain faithful to the Gospel while making it accessible to an unbelieving world?
    • What dangers are there for us to compromise on God’s revelation in order to make the Gospel more ‘attractive’?
    • What’s wrong with diluting the Gospel, if it means more people will believe?
  • When looking for a ‘starting point’ to ministry, what are the tempting alternatives to seeking the God Who has revealed Himself through His Word?
  • Are there people in church who, when you think of them, don’t fill you with joy?
    • Think for a while about why that is.
    • Is this God’s will for you?
  • “Mission isn’t about us”
    • Why is this humbling?
    • Why is this encouraging?
    • What does the text say mission is about?


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