Following on from what was shared by Chris Duffett on Sunday January 10 and based on 1Corinthians 2:6-16, here are some suggested questions for use in your Small Group discussions;



  • What is your favourite kind of music?



  1. What is the purpose of having the Spirit from God (verse 12)?
    1. What are the things that are ‘freely given’?
  2. How would we know the difference between someone who speaks from ‘the Spirit of God’ and someone who speaks from ‘the Spirit of the world’? (Galatians 1:6-9 might help)
    1. In what ways would they differ?
    2. In what ways would they sound similar?
  3. We heard about how Netflix, a glass of wine, Disney+ and things like that, though not necessarily or completely inherently sinful, can become someone’s ‘go-to’ after a tough day. What scriptural examples would you give, from Old and/or New testaments, of believers and their ‘go-to’ places, habits and practices?
  4. What strikes you as surprising, challenging, comforting or anything else about the wisdom that is described in verses 7 & 8?