Following the teaching we received from Jon on the morning of July 11, 2021 based on 1Peter 2:13-25, here are some suggested questions and discussion points for Small Groups and/or personal reflection;


Ice Breaker

  • What’s the worst thing anyone has ever said about you that, looking back, you can appreciate was at least partially true and possibly even funny?



  • It has often been said that “Christians shouldn’t be doormats”.
    • Read John 18:19-24. Where do you draw the line between between being looked down upon because of your faith and standing up for your ‘rights’?
    • How hard is it to receive criticism from someone you believe deserves criticism?
    • In John 19:8-12, Jesus recognises Pilate’s authority in the light of God’s authority. What does this mean to us?


  • In what places might a Christian in the UK experience suffering or any level of discrimination for their faith today?
    • What role does grace play in any kind of suffering?
    • Jon described Love as being a ‘super power’.
    • Read 2Corinthians 4:7-12.
      • Have you ever felt weak or like a failure in a trial of any kind?
      • What encouragement does this passage offer, if any, to those who feel they’re not up to facing any trials or suffering?
  • Forgiveness is often portrayed as something that frees the one doing the forgiveness from the bitterness unforgiveness brings.
    • Is this why God has forgiven you?
    • Is this the chief aim of the forgiveness we should show others?


  • What difference would it make to someone’s life to look ‘through’ the cross, as well as ‘to’ the cross?
    • Reading Romans 12:1-2, How does our thinking effect ‘looking through’ the cross and how does ‘looking through’ the cross affect our thinking?
    • Looking at 1Peter 2:20, in particular with regard to doing what is right, how do we know what is right?
      • What’s the difference between someone losing their job because they’re deliberately making things difficult for their employer in the name of ‘religious freedom’ and someone losing their job for taking a stand for what the Bible says is right?


  • Many people have natural mechanisms, methods or skills in dealing with worry. Do you have any that work for you? Would you like to share them?


Further Reading

  • There are many different words used for ‘love’ in the Bible but they’re almost always represented with the word ‘love’.
    • What words/meanings are you aware of that are used in the Bible for ‘love’.
    • If you have a Bible Dictionary or a capable Bible App on your phone or computer, take a look at the use of the word ‘Love’ used in 1Peter 1-2 (1Peter 1:22 is a good example of how the English word ‘love’ is used for different words in the original language).


  • If God judges righteously, what hope have you got on the day of judgement?
    • How can God both be righteous and judge you innocent enough to enter into Heaven?


  • What are the happy and (possibly) not-so-happy aspects of God’s justice?
    • Why can justice feel so good when applied to people with whom we disagree but not so good when applied to us?