Following the presentation we received from Jon on the morning of July 25, 2021 based from 1Peter 3:8, here are some suggested questions and discussion points for Small Groups and/or personal reflection;

Ice Breaker

  • What music, Christian or otherwise, do you find to be truly moving?



  • if someone were to ask you why you’re a Christian, how prepared do you feel you are to answer?
    • What differences would you expect to hear between two people’s explanation of the hope of Jesus in their lives?
    • What would you consider to be necessarily present in any two people’s explanations of the hope of Jesus in their lives?
    • What would you say is the difference between knowledge in 1Corinthians 8:1 and that in 2Peter 1:2 or 1John 4:7-8?
      • Does the story in Acts 19:11-16 tell us anything about the difference between knowing about Jesus and knowing Jesus?


  • Have you ever felt a kind of pressure to be as good as someone else, or maybe experienced a desire to be like someone who you admire only to find that the person God made you to be got lost in the act?
    • What’s the difference between being inspired by someone and trying to be (like) them?


  • Have you ever experienced something that maybe to this day acts as a bit of a ‘pot watcher’ in your life?
    • Reading John 21:15-23, do you see Jesus removing Peter’s ‘pot watcher’? If so, what do you think Jesus was doing in that text? How do you think He release Peter?


Further Reading

  • Do you think that the Gospel is central to truly addressing injustice in society, or something to be spoken of beside it?
    • How confident are you that the Gospel is the answer to the world?
    • In what ways can the church take its eyes off of the gospel in order to pursue other (well-intentioned) things?
  • It has been said that we should live with the Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other (I’m sure we can replace ‘newspaper’ with ‘news channel’ or ‘news app’ these days)
    • Do you agree with that statement?
    • What role does the news have in forming your worldview?
    • Are there newspapers you would avoid for being too extreme in some way?
      • Is there a danger in reading only a narrow range of news sources?
      • Do you think that to get a true picture of the world you might need to expand the breadth of news sources you use?
      • In what ways does the news of the ‘left’ and/or the ‘right’ challenge your biblical worldview?