Following the ministry we received through Tim Barker on the morning of Sunday May 16 based from 1Timothy 4:12 and from Jon in the evening based on Acts 1, here are some suggested discussion points for Small Groups and/or personal reflection.


Ice Breaker

  • What’s the most awkward or humorously inappropriate public prayer you’ve heard?



  • Quick question for those who are more advanced in years: how have you ever been blessed through a young person living out the faith God has given them? Would you like to share any of your experiences?


  • Timothy was ‘young’, the servant girl in 2Kings 5 was only a servant, the young boy in Matthew 14 only had some bread and fish. Older people have ‘reasons’ too – Moses in Exodus 4 (for example) had a speech impediment. What do you perceive as something that renders you unable to be of any use to God?
  • We were told that Jeremiah was somewhere between 13 and 16 years old. Today, this might be considered by many to be too young for such a responsible job as Jeremiah’s.
    • How do you know if someone is speaking with God’s authority? What are the marks of authenticity that someone is speaking from God?
    • Does age matter? Why?
  • Adam and Eve were forbidden the fruit of one tree, they failed and faced consequences. Joseph was permitted everything in Potiphar’s house bar one thing, his wife. Joseph resisted the temptation yet still faced the consequences as though he’d failed.
    • Do you think Joseph was at all tempted?
    • Joseph was being put into a situation where he could have taken what was not his to have. In the law God would late give Moses, He forbade this covetousness (Exodus 20:14 & 17). What temptations do people face daily for things that are not theirs to have?
  • Following from the ministry received from Jon on Sunday evening from Acts 1:1-11, what  (or Who) has God provided for us in order that we should be the people who live as described by Tim as he walked us through scriptural examples?

    • What encouragement does Philippians 2:12-13 have for us?
    • Where we’ve failed to live as an example, what hope do we have before the God Whom we have let down?


Further Reading

  • How do you choose sources of Christian ministry for your life? What criteria do you apply before you consider someone trustworthy in the spiritual food they serve from God?
  • How does the account of  Joseph with Potiphar’s wife, along with other events in his life, point us to the Gospel of Jesus?
  • What is the point of living as an example if there’s nobody around to see?
  • We want young people to understand that by God’s strength they can do anything He tasks for them. Are you any different?