Following the teaching we received through Jon on the morning of Sunday May 16 based from Acts 2, here are some suggested questions and discussion points for Small Groups and/or personal reflection;


Ice Breaker

  • What is your What3Words location right now, or of your favourite location?


  • What comes to your mind as you think of Pentecost?
  • We were told that part of Pentecost was a celebration of God’s law.
    • As you read God’s law, in what ways and for what reasons do you experience –
      • Conviction
      • Sorrow
      • Joy
      • Gratitude
      • Hope
      • Anything else?
    • Does God’s law matter today?
  • We were also told that part of Pentecost was the bringing of First Fruits to God.
    • What kind of fruit are we prone to bring to God?
    • What is your first fruit?
    • The term ‘first fruit’ is used a few times in the New Testament (for example, 1Corinthians 15:20 & 23, 1Corinthians 16:15, James 1:18, Revelation 14:4). With these texts in mind…
      • In what ways can Jesus be thought of the First Fruit?
      • In what ways can the people of the early church be thought of as First Fruit?
      • In what ways, if any, can we be thought of as First Fruit?
  • Can the fact that you have been born of God, saved from your sin, clothed in Christ’s righteousness and welcomed into the family of God as his child be explained without the Holy Spirit?
  • Looking at John 14:16-31, in what ways does the Holy Spirit work in you today?

Further Reading

  • People can feel condemned or like second class citizens if they don’t experience a miraculous or charismatic outworking of the Holy Spirit with those who claim so many miraculous events leaving people to wonder if they’ve ever been in contact with the Holy Spirit.
    • Does John 1:12 – 13 and John 3:1-8 shed any light on that?
  • Does praying ‘‘ imply also ‘‘?
  • Having heard of the girl who was addicted to porn, have you any experience of working so hard for so long to reach something beyond your grasp only to find that in Jesus, by His Spirit, it has been done for you?
  • Commentators have said to be three uses of God’s law;
    1. Convict sinners of their sin
    2. Governing of a nation
    3. Guidance for one who believes in Christ
    • How do these help you think of God’s law and its impact on your life today?