Following the ministry we received from Jon on the morning of September 5, 2021 based from Philippians 3 and Mark 6, here are some suggested questions and discussion points for Small Groups and/or personal reflection;



  • Have you ever found yourself in a ‘999’ situation only to find someone for whom your emergency was a ‘9-to-5’ who then saves the day? Maybe the situation is the other way around and you were the one to save the day for someone else?



  • Looking at the Philippians Bible passage referenced above, what do you count as loss for Jesus in your life which those outside of Christ may count as being a great credit to you?
  • Where is the source of our strength in our striving onward?
    • Does the fact that we’re striving at all make us more virtuous?
    • Looking at the text in Philippians above and then Philippians 2:12-13, How do we deal with the fact that we should be striving but we can’t do it in our own strength and more than that, even the desire to live out our salvation comes from God.


  • Now looking at the passage from the Gospel of Mark, thinking about the storm in which the disciples were caught and the storms of life in which we can often find ourselves, what strikes you about the fact that even though the disciples were in a severe storm with waves, wind and (presumably) rain…
    • Jesus saw them from the land?
    • When Jesus spoke to the disciples, despite the storm, they heard Him?
    • Jesus didn’t stop the storm before He started walking but waited until He was in the boat?
  • Jesus waited until just before dawn to go to the disciples;
    • Are there times you have felt Jesus is taking a long time to come to you in your trouble?
    • Are there other situations in scripture where Jesus seems to be taking a long time to come to someone who needs His help (you may want to think of Lazarus or Jairus’ daughter – among others)?


  • Have you ever heard someone’s testimony of how God has blessed them thinking that there’s no way you could experience anything like that?
    • Describe the emotions you feel when such thoughts come to your mind.
  • What reasons are there to believe that God can bless you in a similar way to how He has blessed someone else?
    • In what ways would you like God to bless you and use you as a blessing for others?