Following the teaching we received from Jon on the morning of Sunday July 4 based on 1Peter 2:11-25, here are some suggested questions and discussion points for Small Groups and/or personal reflection;

Ice breaker

  • Explain to the group why the European Soccer Championship does or does not matter to you.



  • Does living in this world make you feel like an alien/foreigner? Why do you say that?
    • What sort of things are of concern to the world that ought or ought not not be of concern to us (for example celebrities, fashion, poverty, crime)?
    • Have you ever wanted God to just call us all home now so that we can be with Him in His kingdom?
    • Why do you think He hasn’t yet called us home?


  • Looking at John 18:36;
    • How does Jesus describe his kingdom?
    • In what ways would you suggest the kingdoms of this world are different to the Kingdom of our God?
    • To which kingdom do you want to belong?
      • In what ways can we communicate a desire to be of God’s kingdom?
      • In what was can we fail to do that?


  • Looking Psalm 119:9, Psalm 101:3 – what can help to abstain and resist fleshly desires?


  • “Jesus loves me” – so what?


  • Looking at John 17:14-21;
    • What are the dangers of wanting to appear too different from the world?
    • What are the dangers of wanting to appear too much like the world?
  • In the important discussions looking at being different  from the world, what does 1Peter 1:14-16 and Romans 8:29 say that we should resemble?
  • In Revelation 3:14-22, Jesus wishes that the church in Laodicea was either cold or hot (verses 15 & 16) stating that because they are lukewarm, He will spit/vomit (translation depending) them out of His mouth (verse 16).
    • What purpose does a hot or cold drink serve in comparison to a lukewarm drink?
    • What similarities can you see (if there are any) between being lukewarm and ‘like the world’?



Further Reading / Bonus Questions

1Peter 2:12 “Keep your behaviour excellent among the Gentiles, so that in the thing in which they slander you as evildoers, they may because of your good deeds, as they observe them, glorify God in the day of visitation.”

  • How does this glorify God?
  • Does this link in any way with Matthew 5:16?
  • What does this matter to the way we live our lives?
  • What are the challenges?


  • What, if any, are the differences between wanting to be different in order to be Christians and being different because we are Christians?
  • What kind of being weirdly different is wrong? Was John the Baptist ‘good’ weird, ‘bad’ weird or something else?


  • Are there dangers inherent with church aligning with political parties?
    • Should positions taken by political parties, whether in support of or standing against principles of God’s law and righteousness affect how we see and/or engage with politics?
    • Should Christians keep out of politics? Why?