Ice Breaker

  • Whether it’s the fish lapel badge, a large zip-up Bible or even a strangely obsessive love for casseroles (?) what would you say is the ‘look’ of a stereotypical ‘Christian’ as portrayed in our culture/media today?



  • Looking at Verse 47, discuss what you think of who it is that does the ‘adding’ to the church, and the means by which the adding is done?

  • Peter and John said “silver and gold I have not” yet only the chapter before we read of how everyone has given to the church and nobody is in need. How do you reconcile this?

  • What would you say the needs of the man were? How would you prioritise them?

  • This man had been there every day begging for money. Why do you think Jesus didn’t heal this man during His earthly ministry?

  • With regard to not seeing the needs of others, how can Scripture help us see things from the correct point of view?

  • How does scripture challenge us with regard to the needs of people you may not want to see?
  • Is there someone whose needs you don’t see?

  • Do you ever feel people don’t see you?

  • What is the Gospel?


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