Here’s some questions for your Small Group sessions based on the ministry we received on Sunday morning from Acts 2. As always, note not every question needs to be asked and answered but they’re here to serve as a help to guide the discussion.

  • ICEBREAKER: If you were to use an animal to describe Bethel, what would that animal be?
  • What’s the difference between ‘waiting’ and ‘being lazy’? Can you think of any scripture that might describe these?
  • It was mentioned that at some point, the stabilisers, like those on a child’s bike as they learn to ride, have to come off for a church. What do you think might be the stabilisers that we should consider removing?

Devotion involves heart and mind, feelings and intellect –

  • What are the dangers of only using our feelings in decision making?
  • What are the dangers of only using our intellect in decision making?
  • What are the benefits of using both our feelings and intellect in decision making?


Connecting with God

  • How does the Bible tell us to do this? Can you think of any principles set out in the Bible to guide us in this?
  • What role do the intellect and feelings play in this?
  • Could you share a testimony of a time God walked with you through a situation in your life?


Connection with Each Other

  • What role do the intellect and feelings play in this?
  • ‘Greenhouse Churches’ were mentioned on Sunday morning. Do you think churches ever desire to become ‘Greenhouse Churches’?
  • Why do you think some churches become ‘Greenhouse Churches’?
  • What Biblical principles would you expect would help a church avoid becoming a ‘Greenhouse Church’?


Connecting with Others

  • What role do the intellect and feelings play in this?
  • How do you reconcile the church in the text used on Sunday morning being described as being in favour with all the people, and Jesus’ warning of persecution?
  • It was mentioned that there are doors that need to be opened as we connect with others. Which doors are there currently closed which should be opened?
  • Are there doors which should be closed?
  • God is a greater saviour than you are a sinner. Have you ever come to the conclusion in your life that your sin, even where you think you ‘should have known better’, has excluded you from God’s purpose only to find His forgiveness is far greater? Can you think of anyone in scripture who can illustrate this?