Following the presentation on Sunday April 11 from Genesis 3, here are some suggested questions for use in your Small Group discussions and/or personal study;


  • What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done that you can share with the group?



  • Adam and Eve hid what they felt exposed their shame from each other.
    • Other than the obvious role of clothing, what do you naturally hide from those around you? Is there a ‘side’ to you that you don’t want people to see?
    • What do you think might happen if people saw that?
    • What strikes you about the fact that God, knowing about the secret self you’re hiding, still loves you?
      • How can He still love you and remain just?


  • Adam and Eve’s self-made clothes couldn’t cover the darkness of their hearts from God.
    • We all know that we can’t hide anything from God but do you think there are ways in which we try to anyway, even if subconsciously?
    • In what ways are “hiding our sin” and “trying to make up for our sin” similar, if they are at all similar?


  • Adam was quick to throw Eve ‘under the bus’ to let her take the blame.
    • How tempting do you find it to excuse your sin by blaming someone else?
    • Can you see that Adam was also trying to blame God for giving him his wife? How tempting is it to blame our sin on circumstances that God has allowed to come to pass?


  • It was mentioned on Sunday that God’s covering provided a protection for the harsh physical world Adam and Eve were to inherit and direction for being in fellowship with Him (the shedding of blood for the remission of sin).
    • How utterly dependent on God were Adam and Eve and are we today?
      • What do you imagine was the sense of loss for Adam and Eve?
    • What sense of hope do you think Adam and Eve might have had?
    • What do you think are the main differences between the covering God provided for Adam and Eve in the Garden and the covering He has provided for us in Jesus?


Further Reading

  • Two things were mentioned as graces shown by God to Adam and Eve (a covering and expulsion from the Garden). Can you think of any more?
    • Do you have any experience of what might seem like a punishment from God actually being a grace?
  • Adam pointed out that it was the wife who God gave him who told him to eat the forbidden fruit. How is Adam’s sin therefore not God’s fault?
  • Do you think we’ve lost a sense of the severity of our sin by not seeing the sacrifices of blood that had to be made under the old covenant?
  • Is God being judgemental against Adam and Eve?