Following the ministry we received through Jon on Sunday May 9 from John 4:1-26, here are some suggested questions for use in your Small Group discussions and/or personal study;

Ice Breaker

  • What’s the worst ice Breaker you’ve ever experienced?



  • Have you ever used the phrase (he could make a really lovely Christian) or maybe thought it?
  • Looking at Hebrews 11, are there any names in there that surprise you?
  • Looking at Romans 5:6-8, who can be a really lovely Christian and how?
  • Looking at John 4:1-26 we see a woman fetching water, a totally natural and sensible thing to get but Jesus has something better to offer her.
  • Was Jesus telling the woman at the well that she shouldn’t fetch water from the well?
  • What rational and sensible waters do we often go to which could become more important to us than they should?
  • Jesus demonstrated a wonderfully beautiful way of speaking truth in love to the woman at the well. How can ‘truth’ or ‘love’ be hard for us to show or communicate when we share the Gospel or even in just general conversation?
  • We heard the story of how God found the woman at the well. Would you like to share how God found you?
  • Does considering who you were before God found you impact at all your attitude toward those who have not yet been found by God?


Further Reading

  • Reading John 4:23, Luke 19:10, Romans 3:10-17 and John 6 – What would scripture seem to be saying regarding who seeks and who find who?
    • If someone does seek God then, what is happening in their heart?
    • If someone does seek God then, what should we give them?


  • In a nutshell, what is the Gospel?
  • There are groups groups, clubs, services and communities that help people feel wanted, loved, able to contribute to society, feel value and a great number of these genuinely do what they set out to achieve. What then does the Gospel provide than nothing else can?