Blessed are those who mourn

Matthew 5:1-15

Here’s the latest suggested discussion points based on the ministry received on the morning o Sunday September 13. You can (re) watch the video by clicking here.


  • Can you recall a time when a bad situation turned into a good situation?



  • For what reasons can you think the people of Judea of the time mourned?

  • For what reasons do people mourn today?

  • Are there things we should mourn but don’t?

  • How do we know God cares for our mourning?

  • Why should the definitions of Comfort given from scripture on Sunday be more comforting to us than how culture uses the word (you can watch that part of the ministry by clicking here)?

  • How does scripture speak of the means by which God provides the comfort of which Jesus speaks here?

  • Psalm 119:71-72 has the psalmist saying it was good for him to be afflicted.

    • Imagine someone comes to you upset and worried, convinced God is angry with them or is punishing them through the hard situations they’re experiencing. How would you comfort them from scripture?
    • Imagine someone comes to you upset, mourning the way they’ve lived and wasted their lives. How would you comfort them from scripture?
  • What do the things we mourn over tell us about ourselves?

  • What do the things in which we find comfort tell us about ourselves?

  • What does this promise, that those who mourn shall be comforted, tell us about God?

Bonus questions

  • Do you ever look forward to eternity, to that promise of a future with no more death, mourning, crying, pain?
  • Is it a sin to ask God why something has happened or is happening?
  • Why do you think this beatitude is here, the second in this list and in the ‘foothills of the Sermon on the Mount’?

You can watch the sermon here

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