Following on from the ministry we received through Jon on Sunday March 14 from Luke 11, here are some suggested questions for use in your Small Group discussions and/or personal study;

Ice Breaker

  • What’s the most outrageously inappropriate gift you’ve ever been given?



  • How do you feel about prayer and what do you know about prayer?


  • Can you think of people in scripture who have had to wait for a very long time to see their prayers answered?
    • What are you tempted to do in the time between prayer and God’s response?
    • What do you think is the best thing to do while waiting for God’s response?


  • Why does Jesus teach us to keep praying without ceasing?
    • What’s the difference between persistent prayer and trying to persuade God?
    • In what areas have you given up praying? Did you think your prayer was too big, too little or too unimportant for God to answer or did you have another reason?
    • Does scripture’s reminders to keep praying encourage you to pick back up on those prayers?


  • As you look back on your life and the things you have asked of God, are you disappointed with any of His responses?
    • Has God ever responded to you in an unexpected way?
    • Has God ever said no to you?
    • Have you ever not prayed about a situation for fear of how God would respond?


  • Why do we pray?
    • Is God more likely to answer a prayer the more people who pray (this short video clip may help answer this)?
    • Apart from ‘positive’ answers to our prayers, what are other benefits of prayer to us?
    • How do feel about prayer and what do you know about prayer?


Further Questions

  • Does the parable of the friend in need of bread at midnight portray God as unwilling to answer prayer, in need of persuasion?
  • Are there things that won’t happen because people don’t pray?
  • Jon mentioned that God said no to Paul regarding the thorn in his flesh (2Corinthians 12:6-10). God told Moses to stop asking about entering into the promised land (Deuteronomy 3:23-27). What are the right times and reasons to stop praying for something.