A few years ago I felt the Lord inspire me to create a Spoken Word album called: “Still Yourself” with my friend (and musical genius!) Madoc Davies. It’s a collection of scriptures, poems and prayers designed to slow us down and focus on the presence of God. Madoc then wrote some amazingly beautiful pieces of music to accompany them. I have spoken to him today and he has very kindly agreed that we can share them here on this blog for anyone who is feeling anxious or unsettled at the moment. The first ten tracks are the spoken word pieces, and the second ten are the instrumental pieces.

01// Matthew 11

02// Invitation

03// Rhythm

04// Matthew 6

05// Trust

06// All in All

07// Tomorrow can wait

08// Philippians 4

09// Blessing

10// Psalm 121

The following tracks are the instrumental versions

11// Matthew 6 (instrumental

12// Invitation (instrumental)

13// Rhythm (instrumental)

14// Matthew 6 (instrumental)

15// Trust (instrumental)

16// All in All (instrumental)

17// Tomorrow can wait (instrumental)

18// Philippians 4 (instrumental)

19// Blessing (instrumental)

20// Psalm 121 (instrumental)