Here are some suggested questions to help guide discussion in your Small Group. This week the questions are based on the ministry we received from Jon based on Matthew 2:1-11.


  • Is there a chair in your home that is your chair? How did it become your chair and how to do defend it?



  • Herod, in the face of incredible signs that pointed to the divinity of Jesus, refused to bow but sought to protect his position.
    • Can you think of others. within and without scripture, who have done this?
    • Can we be prone to doing this, whether to protect our positions or for some other reasons?
  • What masks are we often tempted/feel forced to wear?
    • What masks do we expect others wear?
  • What comfort is there in knowing that the ‘Herods’ of this world are not the highest authority?
    • Are there any scriptures that teach us that these ‘Herods’ are not the highest authority?