Ever since I was was young, I’ve always loved the classic poem: “The Night Before Christmas” – and this year, I wanted to try to write my own version that captures something of the anticipation of the what awaits the world on Christmas morning, but in the same child-friendly style and language of the original…

From the podcast:


The Night Before Christ came.

It was the night before Christ came and in all Bethlehem town

Not an innkeeper was sleeping, there was no room to be found

All over the world, as a matter of fact

People returned to their birthplace to be counted for tax


The mangers were filled with fresh hay to spare

Never knowing this night quite who would lie there

In this ordinary place just who would think

That one arrival tonight would change everything?


But out in Bethlehem’s streets shivering like a jelly

Was a young girl called Mary with a babe in her belly

But this was no ordinary child in her tum

She’d been told by an angel He was God’s Only Son


So God sent His Son like the prophet’s foretold

And yet nobody welcomed them in from the cold

He had come to bring friendship but we acted like strangers

And then when He was born His only bed was a manger


And yet as Mary looked down into her new baby’s eyes

And through the noise of the stable heard His first little cries

She felt in her heart a love you can’t measure

And she knew that this night was a night she would treasure




It was the night before Christ came, and up in the skies

A huge choir of angels wait hid from their eyes

When down to some shepherds with great news to bring

They fly with a song they’ve long been waiting to sing:


A song of glory to God, peace on earth has now started

And an invite to go to God’s Son’s birthday party?

“The Saviour is born! He is Christ the Lord.”

“Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!”


See, no-one invites a shepherd to a birth

But in all of the world these guys were the first!

They left their prized flocks just stood in the fields

And to Jesus’ arrival were hot on their heels


And as through the streets they ran with such joy

And searched every manger for a new baby boy

Their footsteps and voices blasted out a new song

Hope rang out on the streets again after so long




It was the night that Christ came, and to Joseph and Mary

Burst a sight, that at first, might have seemed a bit scary

What did these strange strangers want with their boy?

What on earth did they know? What could bring all this joy?


But Joseph’s heart warmed when he learnt that just then

Some angels had been up to their old tricks again

Filling the night with promise and blessing

He was getting quite used to messages coming from heaven


And so Bethlehem’s manger becomes the unlikely scene

Where an unwanted stranger would awaken their dreams

A new King’s arrival – right here, of all places?

Peace on earth has been given – just look at their faces.


Carpenters, shepherds, angels and kings

What could bring them together – only one thing…

A Saviour is born – and now lays in the hay

And the whole world is different since that first Christmas Day


Up until right now, they just hadn’t a clue,

This very day divides the timeline in two!

The before and the after, and there in the middle

Lies a child whose arrival an old promise rekindles:


God has not left us here out in the cold

He has now come here, down Bethlehem’s road

And all of the dreams He gave in promises before

Are met in this one truth – For to us this child’s born


Don’t take my word for it – listen to the angel

There is room for each one of us around his manger

The good news, the great joy – it is absolutely for all

And nothing can go back to the way it was the night before



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