Happy Saint Day’s Day!

A couple of years ago now I had the opportunity to develop the vision for an introduction to faith course made in Wales, and for Wales. The Question course is about helping people to explore questions that often arise early on the journey of faith.

One person who had an undoubtedly huge impact on faith in Wales was the missionary and apostle we now call St. David. He placed a huge emphasis in his ministry on the work of prayer in the life of the church. One episode of the course (05. Coincidence) explores his impact, but more importantly – the power of prayer, and even features some familiar Bethel faces (and voices)!



This coming Sunday evening, at 7pm on zoom, there is a special prayer event organised by New Wine Cymru which invites us to mark the end of this week by joining our passion, concern and voices together in prayer for the nation. We’re not planning a separate Sunday evening gathering so that we are able to join – and we’d love to see you there! For more details, please go to: https://newwinecymru.co.uk/event/a-call-to-prayer – please note that they are asking everyone to book in via that link for the invite details.