Bethel is a lively, forward-looking church near the centre of Whitchurch village located in the northern suburbs of Cardiff. We appreciate the importance of being part of the local community and seek to share with others in a relevant and contemporary way the hope we believe is found through faith in Jesus.

We seek to give a warm welcome to everybody who attends, and people often comment on the friendliness and openness of the congregation. Our current church membership is 143 people. On a normal Sunday morning, the average congregation would be around 200 people (including approx. 50 under 18s), and on an average Sunday evening, we’d expect about 50-60 people (including approx 10-15 young people). The morning service continues to attract a steady stream of guests, visitors and seekers; so the service reflects that in its format, style and content.

We have a second building in close proximity called the Whitchurch centre. This is where the majority of the children and youth work is run; and it’s facilities are used by a variety of community groups. We recently invested 100,000 pounds to make the site multi-user and more accessible.

As a Baptist Union of Great Britain Church, we support Baptist Missionary Society (BMS) World Mission and Baptist Home Mission, through monthly giving as a percentage of our general fund. Bethel is also an active supporter of TEARfund.

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As a church we are seeking to apply the Great Commission of Jesus to our local context, to make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey the words of Jesus.

Therefore, as individuals and as a church, we are seeking to live and love in ways that are increasingly Christ-like. We seek to bring people into an encounter with the risen Jesus, and a full experience of the abundant life of His Kingdom.

Our theological outlook is firmly Trinitarian and thoroughly evangelical; our teaching is based upon the Bible as being divinely inspired and we aim to share our faith in relevant and meaningful ways with today’s generation.

We believe that Jesus came to reveal the Father’s heart, and the words and ways of Jesus are absolutely core to who we are, and what we do. We strive to be a church that puts into practice what we believe and actively seek to rediscover the roots of the church we see in the book of Acts.

Working alongside our minister, Jon, we have a team of Elders,  Deacons and Officers. These are nominated and elected by the church members. The Deacons meet together with the Minister(s) at least bi-monthly as a board of trustees, to provide spiritual oversight for the church’s life and work as well as to support each other in the calling to leadership.

We meet at least four times a year for a Church Members Meeting, where all members can share in the life and mission of the church; and where key decisions are made together.

Our life and work falls into the two essential areas of Mission and Ministry. This work is divided further into Mission and Ministry Teams (MMTs). There are five of these teams which meet bi-monthly. These are:

  • Missionary MMT
  • Caring MMT
  • Growing MMT
  • Serving MMT
  • Worship MMT

These MMTs are smaller leadership teams comprised of at least 2 from the leadership team with some other church members. These provide vision, direction and leadership to other groups who fall into these areas.

We acknowledge and affirm the New Testament teaching that worship is a lifestyle (Romans 12:1); involving the whole of our lives. Our corporate gatherings are there to inspire and inform our worship not replace it.

In our corporate worship we seek to be God-honouring, Christ-centred and Spirit-led. Our services are contemporary in style, involving songs from a broad spectrum of eras and styles. Recently we have begun annual worship leader training weekends, and are very blessed by some very gifted Worship Leaders, who each bring a unique flavour and style to their approach. We prayerfully prepare our services to complement the theme, but are also open to spontaneity and hungry to hear what the Spirit may be saying through people within the congregation. This is especially true of our evening services, where there is more space and encouragement to explore this.

The worship leaders are supported by a Music Group, (comprising of vocalists and instrumentalists, usually led by the keyboard) who meet for monthly practices and arrive an hour before each service to prepare themselves for the service.

We make creative use of IT, Power Point, and multimedia within our worship.

Throughout the course of the year, we share in different styles of worship, from celebration to contemplative, family-friendly, or more discussion-based sessions. But we have a strong emphasis on Bible-based teaching, and the theme of the message is what shapes the style of worship; these range from thematical studies (i.e. ‘the LikeJesusLife series’) to more structure studies of particular books (i.e. “In Awe” which explored the Vision of God through the prophet Isaiah).

We also have a trained Prayer Ministry team who are available if people would like prayer for specific needs or want to respond to what God may have said to them through a church service.


On Sundays there are groups that meet during the morning service for all ages (from crèche right through to youth!) Coze: a Café-style informal youth gathering following the Sunday evening service

Activities at other times:

  • Chatterbox: a story and craft time for pre-school children and their parents
  • Kids-zone: an early evening club for 6-11 year olds
  • B:zone: an open youth group for 11-16 years olds
  • Luncheon Club: to serve the elderly in the community
  • Small Groups: Smaller groups who meet in homes for fellowship, Bible Study and Prayer (including a Youth Small Group)
  • Prayer & Praise evenings are built into our Small Group program
  • Ladies Fellowship: who meet twice a month
  • Prayer First – a monthly Saturday morning prayer meeting
  • Lavish – Women’s ministry
  • Cardiff Food Bank collections

There are other annual events including:

  • Carol Service and Christmas Pantomime
  • Involvement in our Local Community Festival
  • Summer Holiday Club (usually attracting over 100 children)
  • Summer Nights; a three night Youth Event (engaging with approximately 30-40 young people each night)
  • Holiday @ Home – special day or week events serving the older generation

We have also been involved in:

  • Church Weekends Away
  • HOPE style activities – practically demonstrating the love of Christ
  • Back2Church Sunday
  • Alpha Courses
  • Collaborative Schools Projects (GSUS Live, the Life Expo)
  • Schools Music Project (creating a CD of the pupils singing purposely-written songs)
  • Numerous creative Street Projects
  • A monthly Pub Church-style outreach
  • Who Let the Dads Out?

Our young people usually attend SpreeWales (approx 15-20) and Soul Survivor (approx 25-30) together through the summer months.

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Groups for Adults

Generally these groups run throughout the year.

Prayer First

1st Saturday of month 9am

Small Group

Tue, Wed, Thur 8pm

Ladies Fellowship

1st & 3rd Monday each month 7.00pm - 9.30pm

Lunch Club

Wednesday from 11.00am

Heol Don Service

1st Tuesday of month at 11.00am

Term time Groups

These groups only run during the school term.


Mondays: 1:15pm - 2:45pm


Tuesdays: 6:15pm - 7:30pm


Tuesdays: 7:30pm - 9:00pm


Fridays: 7:30pm - 9:30pm