Bethel is a lively, forward-looking church near the centre of Whitchurch village located in the northern suburbs of Cardiff. We appreciate the importance of being part of the local community and seek to share with others in a relevant and contemporary way the hope we believe is found through faith in Jesus.

We seek to give a warm welcome to everybody who attends, and people often comment on the friendliness and openness of the congregation. Our current church membership is 163 people. On a normal Sunday morning, the average congregation would be around 200 people (including approx. 50 under 18s), and on an average Sunday evening, we’d expect about 50-60 people (including approx 10-15 young people). The morning service continues to attract a steady stream of guests, visitors and seekers; so the service reflects that in its format, style and content.

We have a second building in close proximity called the Whitchurch centre. This is where the majority of the children and youth work is run; and it’s facilities are used by a variety of community groups. We recently invested 100,000 pounds to make the site multi-user and more accessible.

As a Baptist Union of Great Britain Church, we support Baptist Missionary Society (BMS) World Mission and Baptist Home Mission, through monthly giving as a percentage of our general fund. Bethel is also an active supporter of TEARfund.

More information about Bethel

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