Welcome to our Wonder @ Easter

Over the holy week we are going to spend some time breathing, reading, wondering and praying through the triumphant entry into Jerusalem, into the temple, sitting down with friends, arrested in the garden, crucified on a hill, buried in a tomb and risen and alive, its an epic journey for just a week so buckle up and join us as we wonder @ easter together.

1 Palm Sunday – https://youtu.be/sIWetXRO4GI – Available Sunday 28th March

2 Throwing out the money changers – https://youtu.be/oBVrK6xCHFA – Available Monday 29th March

3 The Foot Washing – https://youtu.be/KDIBQuZxbiY – Available Tuesday 30th March

4 The Last Supper – https://youtu.be/NTfF5VaxrWY – Available Wednesday 31st March

5 A Sad Night – https://youtu.be/4VIbkqHvBtI – Available Thursday 1st April

6 Jesus Dies – https://youtu.be/w2q3_UDvAOA – Available Friday 2nd April

7 Jesus is Buried – https://youtu.be/EOmZ_FMAgNM – Available Saturday 3rd April

8 Jesus is Alive –  https://youtu.be/ACe86M75I6s – Available Sunday 4th April


Our Wonder @ Easter is based on the https://dwell.faithaliveresources.org/home.html Dwell @ Home Holy Week Journey.

Special thanks to www.freebibleimages.com & www.lumoproject.com for the story images.


Craft Resources for Easter:


Songs For Easter:

Happy Day : https://youtu.be/lXgIQ19fPaM

We want to see Jesus Lifter High: https://youtu.be/ELje4AWQM0o

Hosanna Rock: https://youtu.be/96pcmyyHaZk

I believe in Jesus: https://youtu.be/pLB2UeXvvpQ

We’ve Come Alive: https://youtu.be/ua6ljOKsZvQ