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Prayers for Exams 

Happy Monday morning all!

I don't know what today holds for you, but I know that a lot of our young people and students are entering the exam period.

Over the past two years the pandemic has caused some major disruption in the world of education, and these are some of the first actual exams that some of them will be physically sitting. But wherever stage you're at in the journey - I really want to assure you of our prayers for you through this testing time.

(And if you're a teacher or a parent, I'm also aware that you really are going through this too - and we're really grateful for you, and praying for you too!)

It can be hard to know how to pray at times like these, and so I've written some prayers that I hope might help you.

Prayers exams2

1) Before revising:


Heavenly Father, Source and Sustainer of the entire cosmos!
You’re the Maker of every molecule and Architect of every atom
From the furthest of the far-flung galaxies to the nearness of my next breath
The detail of Your design dances all around me waiting to be discovered
I can’t study something without somehow stumbling across You
So help me to see something of You today!
As I sit with my books and notes, would You help me know Your presence with me
As I turn my thoughts to the next topic, would You give me peace and focus
Giver of all Good Things, thank You so much for all the amazing gifts You have given to me
Help me to honour You right now in how I use all that You have given me
Heavenly Father, You are the God of all wisdom and understanding!
If my mind grows tired of thinking, help me to rest in Your care, revived by Your goodness
If my heart grows weary of worry, help me to trust in You, restored by Your promise

Calm any anxious thoughts in me with the knowledge that You have an amazing plan for my life
I place this time in Your hands, and seek Your strength to invest in the future You have for me
Might this all be done today with You, and for You
Thank You for always hearing my prayer and for always holding me safe
In Jesus’ Name,


2) Before an exam:

Testing Prayers

Heavenly Father, Eternal God, and my Ever-faithful Friend
As I enter this exam today, thank You that I will not sit there alone
So in the strangeness of the silence, may I know Your steadying hand upon me
As I turn the paper and see each question, may I know Your perfect peace within me
As my mind races back through my revision, may all that has been planted there bear fruit
As my emotions rush from chaos to confidence, and from panic to peace
Experiencing everything from despair to delight, and from regret to relief
Remind me that You are the Rock beneath my feet
The Anchor that steadies me through each and every storm
Give me enough calm to be able to think clearly
Give me enough focus to be able to find understanding
Give me enough resilience to be able to remember
And give me enough grit to be able to keep going

 In all my fears that I may not know enough, have done enough or be enough remind me that
before, during and after this exam Your limitless love towards me will not have changed!
Whatever the result, Your generous grace remains the same!
Help me hold onto the hope that my life is like clay in Your Potter’s hands
And that You can mould both my successes and my failures into Your perfect plan
So I give this exam to You as the next stage along the road You have laid before my feet
The next page in an incredible story You that have yet to complete
May this time of testing prove Your presence here with me
May this exam before me be done for Your glory
Thank You for always hearing my prayer and for always holding me safe
In Jesus’ Name,

So, how about you? In what ways do you find it helpful to pray?
Is there anything specific you'd like to ask for prayer for?

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